P.O. Box 901 Belvidere IL 61008

Family Owned Landscaping Company in Belvidere, IL

Owners Gary and David Hendrickson work hard to ensure that our customers know they can always rely on us for prompt, efficient service, irrespective of the size of the job. With thirty years of experience behind us, Unitrim Cement & Landscaping are the go-to company for both residential and commercial clients as well as building contractors.
Take advantage of our years of hard work and the knowledge won by sweating it out, day after day, doing what needs to be done for our clients to come out with the results they demand and deserve.
We are a registered and bonded business, offering warranties on the products we use and guarantees on our service. As a locally owned business, we will treat you like family because we are your neighbors and beautifying your property benefits the community as well as your space.
  1. GARY HENDRICKSON - President
  3. DENNIS BENNET - Forman

I Gary Hendrickson started unitrim cement and landscaping in 1978 prior to that I was working in Chicago doing underground utilities, cement, landscaping with my grandpa a man who taught me how to complete work in a professional timely manner with no short cuts after 10 years I wanted to become a machine operator but there were no positions open this is when I decided to start my business. Unit rim started mainly in the landscaping and lawn maintenance as time passed another cement company was bought and the cement business grew being the most work produced. In 1995 my son David showed interest in the business and started working summers and really has grown with this business. We have a wide variety of jobs we perform with some amazing staining, stamping and retaining wall designs with over thirty years experience we have the capability to perform any job for you and look forward to meeting with you.

Gary Hendrickson

David Hendrickson

I started working for my dad about 18 years ago as a laborer doing this job for many years I was the little guy running around learning bits and pieces of all construction fields my dad has taught me many methods and techniques to perform many jobs. I now manage materials, machinery, vehicles and job sites. I love e to work for several different people and contractors to not only complete their jobs but to establish a friendship. There is nothing better than knowing your customers are completely satisfied when the job is completed. I will be taking unitrim to the next level as time passes and as dad sees I have earned it .I look forward to meeting with you and hope you enjoy our company.

David Hendrickson

Dennis Bennett - Forman

Dennis has been with unitrim for 15 years every year he progresses more being able to complete jobs with and without co workers. Dennis came to us with some construction background with a drive to learn more on how unitrim does things. Dennis was given a nick name when he was younger “mugzy” it has stuck all these years and this is what he goes by.